AlgoSev™ is a KELONY® application with Risk prediction capabilities that provides executives with highly optimized decision-making processes and allows companies to survive and thrive durably

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Do you still think Risk is unpredictable?

Risk is not unavoidable, inexorable, or inevitable.
The scientific and independent Risk measurement is a key element in decision-making processes, as it has a significant impact on organizational choices, on strategic decisions and, in general, on everything that affects the life of a company, of humankind and of our planet

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KELONY® created the new Science of Risk to provide people and organisations with a unique protection guarantee against Risk

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Life First! is the founding principle of KELONY® that makes values come into action

KELONY®️ is the world’s first Risk-Rating Agency, acknowledged on the market, providing people, governments and companies with the strategic information and tools they need for their protection and development.

It is the only Deep Math Company™️ based on the new Science of Risk, that provides clarity and understanding at a time of non-stop revolution and growing uncertainty.

KELONY®️’s key innovation lies in the very first use of post-probabilistic techniques which, by eliminating the variable of probability, provides a precise measurement of Risk and to achieve greater prevention and, therefore, the best protection possible.

Protection is the ultimate competitive advantage and the next sustainability.

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A new Science of Risk

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KELONY®-Assured excellence is awarded only to organizations which have achieved a significant improvement in the level of risk protection, measured by the Kelony Risk Rating Index

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