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Electricity will jump overnight, worse than the pandemic and war, panic and terror, as it would be the end of civilization as we know it today. The prolonged lack of energy triggers a chain reaction that also precludes access to water and food, which therefore leads to a real fight for survival.
An apparently sci-fi scenario that has very little of the fantastic; is documented in the prospective risk analyzes in the world, the Kelony® Sharp Risks, already published in 2019, where esoterrestrial risk is in first place. The analysis starts from reliable sources such as Nasa1, Noaa2 or Sidc3. In a nutshell, our future depends on the number of wolf4, whose maximum risk peak will be reached in July 2025, a key factor that will shape the future of the planet. This risk leads to direct effects of worsening climate change, since solar activity is one of the primary causes of the increase in temperatures which, by heating the earth’s surface, feeds the greenhouse effect. This is a foreseeable risk through the Carrington (i) event, the effects of which will extend to the entire company. A chain systemic risk (ii), which must guide short-term investments (iii).


It has already happened, in the early morning of September 1, 1859. According to some estimates the same phenomenon could repeat itself after about 150 years and 163 years have already passed. The young astronomer Richard Carrington, shortly after noticing a group of sunspots on the surface of the Sun , he was almost blinded by a very strong flash of light. Exactly 17 hours later, the whole world witnessed a succession of extremely rare events, including the appearance in the sky of
a fiery red Northern Lights that stretched from Rome to Cuba.
At the time, the episode caused proportional damage to the technology then existing, such as the interruption for about 14 hours of communications in Europe and the USA, the melting of copper cables of telegraph lines, fires and lightning strikes of telegraph operators and .. .

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