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The scientific and independent Risk measurement is a key element in decision-making processes as it has a significant impact on the organizational choices, on strategic decisions and, in general, on everything that affects the life of the company, of humankind and of our planet

The probability-based conceptual and methodological shortcomings hitherto applied to Risk measurement explain the increasing number of failures in governance and Risk defense strategies

Addressing Risk today requires a far-sighted strategic approach based on Cindynics, the new Science of Risk, which considers Risk as a whole, in its entirety, and no longer on the basis of a symptomatic and fragmented approach based on probability

The use of particularly advanced mathematics has allowed KELONY® to revolutionize Risk calculation, introducing post-probabilistic techniques, thanks to which Risk is no longer simply “assessed” but calculated and measured

The precision of Risk measurement determines the efficiency in neutralising Risks.
This is an essential condition for the success of any enterprise

KELONY® Risk-Rating

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KELONY® Risk-Rating

KELONY® invented both the Risk-Rating index and a unit of measure to calculate Risk. to better understand this new measuring system, let’s compare it with the invention of the thermometer, which measures temperature in degrees.

Before this invention, anyone had his own method to “value” and “define” whether it was hot or cold. The thermometer introduced a scientific method to define temperature objectively.

Similarly, thanks to the new Risk measurement unit introduced by KELONY®, the Risk thermometer is no longer subjective. Risk assessment is carried out through the application of advanced mathematical formulae which consider all the Risks to which one has been exposed.

KELONY® Risk-Rating provides an analysis of the overall health and life expectancy of the Organization and its Assets, thus defining the value of the Company, or of any organization

KELONY® Risk-Rating is also used as a decision-making tool for investors and policymakers.
The development of the Risk-Rating gives a clear picture of the level of homeostasis of the reality examined according to the 3R™ – Resistance, Resilience, Redundancy – rule.

Once the Risk-Rating is defined, it is possible to develop the best defense strategies to neutralize the Risks arising from the gap between what an organization does (and says) and what it really needs to protect its People and its Business.

KELONY® Risk Neutralisation™

Following the definition of Risk-Rating, the new Science of Risk finds its practical application through the new discipline of Risk Neutralisation™.

Risk Neutralisation™ includes both a proprietary protocol – VeVa™ – and decision supporting tools, including AlgoSev™.

VeVa™ provides us with a simplified vision of Risk, just as a musical score allows us to reduce any melody to a series of dots and lines.

VeVa™ is an Operative Protocol based on the new Cindynics and on Biosuronomics™ (the science of safeguarding life), which allow us:

To detect all Risks, including unknown ones
To map the topology of Risks and the relationships among them based on dynamic graphics
To predict the effects of chain reactions in Risk

This analysis highlights the Apex-Risk™, which generates other Risks, and the Intercorrelated-Risk, or elements of propagation of the Risk, which often go unseen and are therefore not taken into consideration.

Thanks to AlgoSev™, it is possible to identify the actions that must be prioritized to avoid the domino effect of Risk.

The result of the domino effect of Risk is not the sum of individual Risks, just as a meal is more than just the sum of the ingredients that go into it: the important thing is the recipe, that is the quality of the ingredients and the way they are assembled.

VeVa™ allows you to see beyond the ingredients and to observe the correct sequence of steps in making the recipe of Risk, thus allowing you to protect yourself more effectively.

AlgoSev™ is an algorithmic Augmented Intelligence tool capable of identifying the best strategies for neutralising Risk. It includes an inductive inferential engine programmed in Hyperfarsight™ Dynamic Programming, which performs better than the existing predictive tools because it uses new Boolean operators.

It allows to identify the the most effective sequences for reducing Risk of any kind and to combat its effects before they even appear

KELONY® Risk Culture™

For the new Science of Risk to be understood and applied, a new culture of Risk needs to be diffused.
Reinforcing the Risk Culture throughout an organization means becoming a Life First Company , a company that puts the protection of people and life before mere performance and profit.

Protecting employees, customers, and their digital and natural environment means protecting the company itself; it means protecting the benefits of the company as a lever for social and economic growth. It’s a virtuous circle!

World Protection Forum™

KELONY® promotes the culture of Risk throughout the World Protection Forum™, an open and permanent forum aimed at developing a current of thought with the main objective of building a safer and more protected world through the diffusion of the Culture of Risk. The World Protection Forum™ brings together the Life First Company – companies committed to protecting life, people, and our natural and digital ecosystems

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