In the future, it will be an “after”?

Two years of long Covid and then the war; today everyone is asking: “What will happen next?”
For the majority they are called emergencies or crises, for some speculation, for others profit. In fact, although the images of the media are transmitting all the real horror of the conflict, not even remotely imaginable to those who are not experiencing it on their own skin, as is known, some companies and some large investment banks are gaining and almost all states, including Italy, are “investing” in the arms sector. Some argue that defense spending is good for the economy, but it is true that bankruptcies are on the rise internationally and the vast majority of companies are not prepared to solve an emergency that becomes a crisis and then another follows. and so on for two years now. Without seeing the end.
Who is right? What strategy to implement to overcome the crises in which we are immersed in continuity and start creating value again? The answers and the solutions are there. The post-crisis world will be, as the word itself says, krisis, which means decision, a world in which a decision has been made on the basis of resilient and durable elements of choice. Let’s see them.

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