The more serious it is, the less it is urgent

A world in which immediacy is the only thing that matters is unable to make the right choices on the priorities of the future and, consequently, also of investment. Paradoxically, when everything becomes serious, nothing should be considered urgent anymore, because urgency levels priorities and makes us make strategic mistakes in our decisions, including the most fundamental ones. In this context, analytic governance (Ag) is no longer an option, but an absolutely necessary strategic tool for the competitive advantages it provides. The Ag allows at first to escape from the paradigm of the dictatorship of the present and subsequently to make the best possible choices among the huge number of combinations that arise every day as many decisions to be made in terms of investments.
The reign of totalizing individual digitization and the events of the last two years have shaped a world where the terror of immediacy is the only thing that matters. Consequently, it is impossible to operate a hierarchy of temporality, making it difficult to prioritize any decision and above all to imagine sequences of actions to be carried out in succession. Ag tools such as those provided by AlgoSevTM, an algorithm that uses HyperfarsightTM type projection methods and which is able to assist human choice, always at the center, very clearly reveal a moment of intense collective disorientation that aggravates the inability to project oneself beyond immediacy. This is indisputably reflected in the recent fall in stock market indices and some markets.
In fact, the confinement of the beginning of 2020 that occurred on a global scale took us to an absolutely unique time …

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