The mistake of not to build on trust

Paradoxically, it is precisely in the midst of the most serious crisis since the great depression of 1929 that Europe sets the stakes for sustainable growth, interposing what appears to be a further obstacle to growth. Talking about a crisis can quickly become difficult, because the term itself is polysemic: Krisis means decision and, in fact, the prospective report “Kelony® Sharp Risk 2022-2023” highlights that the companies that record the greatest growth, despite the period, are those that give themselves two rules:

  1. Understanding the crisis as the need to discern;
  2. Make the best choices.

These are essential rules in a world where the very paradigms that have guided Western civilization so far change. The companies and financial institutions that create the most value are now aiming to promote social continuity, the main lever of trust for the market, putting the risk of not achieving these objectives at the center of their decision-making process.

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