The 2020 World Protection Forum™ Annual Summit

From Friday, November 27 to Monday, November 30, the stunning Ariston Theater in Sanremo hosted the World Protection Forum’s first annual summit, a first edition that was successful way beyond expectations and marked by social distancing measures.

World Protection Forum

Attendance was remarkable both in terms of local and international participants, with over 800 viewers connected from Italy alone in the first night, which confirms the widespread interest in protection from risk.

The growing attention for the issues addressed by the World Protection Forum™ proves that Pietrantoni and Cantournet have long been right. Their realization has made the global community more interested by the day in having a meeting point that can address risks in a clear, extensive way.

world protection forum kelony

Mr. Cantournet, are you satisfied with these achievements?

We definitely are, the World Protection Forum has reached absolutely crucial goals.

We have brought together worlds that do not usually dialogue with each other: institutions, science and universities, businesses, culture and entertainment!

This is the right way to team up against the difficulties of our time, in order to overcome them and make the world a safer place.

The first step was to set up a place – both virtual and real – where exchanges, encounters and debates could happen, in order to discuss ways to make our life safer and to secure a future for us all.

We have collectively thought the world of tomorrow, going beyond specialist issues that focus on specific matters. A Forum that would only cover ecology but not the pandemic, for instance, would not have taken account of the average 35% increase in waste production due to the Covid (masks, hand sanitizing gel bottles, etc.).
Our future depends on humankind’s mastery over risks, no matter what these are.

The World Protection Forum™ saw participation from institutions (from the Italian Carabinieri gendarmerie to the Consorzio Universitario Humanitas post-graduate schools), the world of science (with ITT – the Italian Institute of Technology), and organizations having grasped the need to make business in a way that prioritizes people’s safety over mere performances.

The participating companies included Miroglio & C, Microsoft, STEP Engineering & Design, and PwC, alongside many others. Associations were also present with the Turin Industrial Union and the AMMA association of mechanical and mechatronic companies.

world protection forum kelony

Ms. Pierantoni, your guests delivered in-depth speeches that stood out for their ability to address the issue of risk from different perspectives.

It was truly incredible. Over 40 testaments that represented important contributions.

I would like to mention Edward Luttwak’s speech, which explored technology by highlighting how today’s world is like a chain. “A bigger risk is not local any longer, but concerns the whole world.”

Special guests included Gianna Nannini, who talked about protecting the Italian music.

What goals are you pursuing?

We intend to enhance the culture of risk prevention by using different tools:

the World Protection Manifesto, a document meant to encourage all economic players and organizations to become Life First Companies, and to prioritize the protection of life and the world we live in over mere performances.

the book “La Nuova Scienza del Rischio” (“the new science of risk”), written by Federica Spampinato and published by Guerini e Associati, which analyzes the success of this new school of thought, and sets the basis for the cutting-edge solutions that humankind can find to protect itself from risks more efficiently. The new Science of Risk will be spread and taught by Consorzio Universitario Humanitas.

This novel school of thought developed by KELONY® has managed to get to the nub of the problem by approaching risk in a scientific, innovative way, given the impossibility to keep on living like we used to do, and the necessity to tackle the crucial issue of future in a new way.

world protection forum kelony

We have done this by introducing a radically revolutionary approach with new tools and methods: Risk-Rating and Risk-Neutralisation, basically an unprecedented way to make business in order to start again.

The World Protection Forum™ is about risk and its neutralization – which is not possible without a culture of risk – in order to face the biggest challenge for humankind, living a risk-free life.

Mr. Cantournet, it is thus upon everyone of us to make sure we protect ourselves, protect others, and protect the digital and natural ecosystems we live in. Is this the new real luxury?

Yes, and it is a kind of luxury that we cannot afford. Risk cannot be a matter of chance, but needs to be an event to ward off, and choosing to look the other way in order not to see will not save us. Change can be scary, but not taking action is definitely worse.

The new Science of Risk is a driver of economic competitiveness.