Excellence Green Night Awards

Great interest, growing awareness, sense of responsibility, and an astounding success for the 2020 edition of the Excellence Green Night Awards, as the strong media coverage confirms.

We’re already working on the 2021 edition

states Luigi Lauro

our commitment won’t stop. The Awards night at the Splendide Royal hotel in Lugano, which welcomed us with top hospitality as usual, saw great attendance and participation, a clear sign that the protection of the environment, solidarity, and sustainability in general are deeply heartfelt issues

Once again, I’d like to thank all our partners that share our goals and ethical principles. Their support allowed us to reach such a prestigious result, all together



Special thanks to the Bicocca University in Milan and to our project partner, professor Galli. After the first edition, we introduced a promoting committee and a scientific commission responsible for identifying the businesses, projects and entrepreneurs that will be selected every year to win the awards. Together with Paolo Galli, professor of Ecology and Director of the Marhe Center project in the Maldives, we also created a course at the Bicocca University (to take place online due to the pandemic restrictions) in order to train professionals specialized in sustainability to support companies


Last, our collaboration with Kelony, the first risk-rating agency in the world, and the Protection Forum will guarantee substantial support to the scientific commission in assessing the applications and selecting the winners based on Cindynics – the science of risk – and its metrics, risk-rating, and techniques from the new Risk-Neutralisation™ discipline

We are looking forward to having you at the next edition of the Excellence Green Night Awards on November 11, 2021!

ph. credit Leila Somazzi