Excellence Green Night Awards

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, the Hotel Splendide Royal in Lugano saw the celebration of the business projects that have most been able to conjugate two often incompatible concepts: luxury and sustainability.

The technical and scientific committee thoroughly considered several projects, and identified four categories where to select the best sustainable projects from. Actress Angela Tuccia was the stunning patroness of the night, and took the stage to award the winners their prizes.

Despite the difficulties we had to face to organize this night during the current healthcare emergency

explained publisher Luigi Lauro

we’re proud of having our guests here in total safety, to experience this moment of union together and share the ethical principles that guide us in our businesses

The ceremony started from the category “Environmental solutions for real estate, architecture and design”; the award went to architect Simone Micheli, founder of the design studio Simone Micheli Architectural Hero, for the Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel and Spa project in Matera, where Micheli took care of the interior and lighting design.

excellence green award lugano Simone Micheli
Simone Micheli – Genséric Cantournet Founder and CEO Kelony

Through zero-impact systems

Micheli explains

we created a sustainable project that is compatible with the surrounding environment. Thinking and designing with our children’s future in mind is our first priority

The prize was bestowed by Genséric Cantournet, founder and CEO of Kelony, partner of the night and founder of the first risk-rating agency in the world.

excellence green night awards Kelony
Gilberto Pierantoni – Angela Tuccia – Angela Pierantoni – Genséric Cantournet


As the first Risk-Rating Agency in the world, we support the Boards of Directors and Top Management also in the luxury sector. The sector at this moment must be the bearer of aspiration, desire and culture of inclusiveness, that is to change the behavior of people: from markets destined for an elite to mass markets on a large scale, promoting the “Life First!” Values, i.e. protecting man and the ecosystems in which he lives

says Genséric Cantournet.

For the second category – sustainable finance – the award went to Banca Generali. In 2019, CEO Gian Maria Mossa launched a digital platform measuring the tangible impact of every EGS fund, compared with one or more of the 17 SDGs included in the UN’s 2030 Agenda. An unprecedented project in Europe that has already met the three-year targets only one year and a half from the launch.

excellence green award lugano
Luca Anese BG Valeur – Andrea Mognon Zarattini & Co Bank

The award was received by the CEO of BG Valeur (a Swiss subsidiary of Banca Generali’s), Luca Anese:

In two years, we managed to collect 4 billion euros; it has been so rewarding to us to make families understand the importance of investing in sustainability

The prize was given by another representative of the Green Awards scientific committee, Andrea Mognon, Asset Management Director at the Zarattini & Co Bank.

From architecture to finance, through another sector that has increasingly believed in sustainability in the past few years: for innovative mobility projects, an incredible electric vehicle won – the first water e-bike in the world. Named Hydrofoil Bike, it was built by Manta5 from New Zealand, and promises to bring a new sport about.

The prize was received by Christian Ubiali on behalf of Daniele Frattini, CEO at Aquaride:

We hope that our electric vehicle will soon conquer everyone’s heart; our projects aims to implement and combine our sports experience with the pleasure of sustainability

Excellence Green Night Awards
Silvia Zanardi BePink – Christian Ubbiali Aquaride

A surprise guest took care of bestowing this prize: Silvia Zanardi, the newly elected track cycling European champion in the points race.

My passion for this sport is endless

she explains

but I must confess that I’d be curious to try the Hydrofoil Bike!

One more sector that has been combining luxury and sustainability more and more is surely fashion: for the “Sustainable Fashion” category, the award went to a young designer, entrepreneur Eileen Akbaraly, for the Made for a Woman project, born with the aim of improving the life of vulnerable women in developing countries by voicing them through the art of weaving. Made for a Woman is a luxury accessories brand established in 2019 among the vibrant colors of Madagascar, a garden of Eden where people live in misery, often on less than 1 € a day.

Excellence Green Night Awards
Angela Tuccia – Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly – Deborah Chai Garris

The entrepreneur sent a thank you video, while the prize was received on her behalf by her mother Cinzia Catafalmo Akbaraly:

I ended up in Madagascar for love, and I fell in love with this wonderful land. Twelve years ago, I created the Akbaraly Foundation, which has been carrying on humanitarian, educational and healthcare projects in Madagascar, with special attention to cancer prevention for women. I’m proud that my daughter combined her passion for fashion and her love of others with Made for a Woman

The prize was given by Deborah Chai Garris Business Ambassador of Excellence Magazine Luxury.

At the end of awarding ceremony, one more surprise for the audience: Emanuela Zini took the stage with Paolo Galli, Professor of Ecology and Director of the Marhe Center project in the Maldives.

As at the first edition of the Green Awards, together with the University of Milano-Bicocca, our partner in this project

explained Emanuela Zini

we created a promoting committee and a scientific commission responsible for identifying the businesses, projects and entrepreneurs that will be selected every year to win the awards. Together with professor Galli, we also introduced a course at the Bicocca University (to take place online due to the pandemic restrictions) in order to train professionals specialized in sustainability to support companies

Luxury, sustainability, enhancement of the most innovative projects, and skill development: these were the key words of the Excellence Green Night, an event that went once again beyond expectations.

Also for this second edition I want to personally thank our partners, especially Zarattini & Co Bank, Ecoswiss, Beyond Luxury, World Protection Forum, Kelony Risk-Rating Index, Wopart, Nastro & Nastro, Merbag and the University of Milan Bicocca

says Luigi Lauro