The World Protection Forum does not stop!

Excellence Magazine Luxury and Kelony, First Risk-Rating Agency, continue their collaboration in order to provide tools and contents that can be a valid support for understanding the true meaning of “risk”, a very current issue for individuals and company.

Consistently with the national restart and resilience plan, we have decided to highlight the entrepreneurs of this country, starting with the most affected categories and then planning the first stage of the World Protection Forum 2021 in Rome, at one of the oldest and most characteristic tables of Italy, “The real Alfredo”

However, following the release of the new DPCM, our meeting will have to take place online, in the form of an aperitif, by connecting to the dedicated Webex platform so that we can interact and talk as if we were in presence.

We can only improve what we can measure objectively. Therefore, not having a measuring unit forces us to endure the effects of Risk without being able to guarantee the company’s durability.
In the U.S., they talk about sustainability, while in Europe they talk about durability. Sustainability implies that the protection of human life and of the environment in which we live are subject to the economic aspect of wealth generation, that is, the financial aspect; while Europeans consider it a matter of principle, “whatever it takes”, with an “all or nothing” approach, like Risk itself.

says Genséric Cantournet Chairman of the Board of Directors and Co-founder of KELONY®️ First Risk-Rating Agency

The event will be recorded so we can offer a summary of the most interesting moments on our web pages!

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